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"Target Practice" "Target Practice"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

No one understands...

For those of you who are celebrating Jeff Weise's death, you need to think again. It's been reported that the kid had a hard time. His dad committed suicide, his mom had major brain damage, on top of that - he had no one to talk to.

Put yourselves in this position; your dad killed himself and your mom's in a vegetative state, and you have no friends. Who can you look up to? You hate the world. You hate your life. Everyone's a complete dick for not understanding Jeff, instead, tormenting him. Now for those of you saying "OH IT'S JEFF'S FAULT, HE KILLED 9 STUDENTS", you've got it wrong. Like I said, it's our fault for not understanding Jeff, we lead him to the massacre.

One person mentioned below that even though the tragedies Jeff faced, it was still "inexcusable" to kill the others. Yes, of course it's wrong, but open your eyes and see the world that was once around him. "Dad's dead, mom's a vegetable, and I'm a loner who hates his life."

Don't worry, Jeff. I understand